SpillPills© is the wonderful new action strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch, brought to you by Simple is Beautiful and game designer Manuel Bichebois, NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store. With its fine-tuned gameplay, five colorful environments, captivating musical ambiance and adorable sound effects, SpillPills puts your attention span to the test and sharpens your reflexes.

Beware! These pills are addictive!

Spillpills is easy to learn and challenging to master. Play you way through five gorgeous levels of increasing complexity as you try to get your pills safely to homebase.

Open the gates to let the pills cross to their destination without eating black dots or crashing into other pills.

Hurry because pills waiting behind a gate will soon burn up! Eating other colored dots earns points, while eating white dots make your pill both invisible and invincible. Make your best score, and compete in the worldwide scoreboard ranking.

Simply touch the zone around the gate to open it. The gate remains open as long as you press, and you can open up to 4 gates simultaneously.

When your Panic Attack bar is full, shake your iPhone to make all pills disappear - to avoid crashes or delete expiring pills that will soon burn up.

NEW in SpillPills V1.2, speed up the game whenever you want. New bonuses help you earn lives, multiply your points and slow down the gameplay at critical moments.

SpillPills offers you two gameplay modes:
  • Survival: Choose your environment and make your best score by surviving as long as possible. Be warned! Every 20 seconds, the level of difficulty increases!

  • World Tour: Work your way through five natural environments by meeting your objectives to move up to a higher level.

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