DrumTrackHD's Main (Pattern) and Song Panels
DrumTrackHD Toolbar

The DrumTrackHD Toolbar gives you permanent access to critical features that may be related or redundant with capabilities within DrumTrackHD's various panels.

Drum Kit Selection

  • The current Drum Kit is permanently listed in the Toolbar display panel and can be changed by scrolling through the list with the << and >> buttons.
  • You can also specify a Drum Kit by selecting the Drum Kit display, which opens the Kit Selection Panel shown below:

    kit selection panel

    This panel allows you to choose new Drum Kits without having to scroll through the entire list and is particularly useful for switching kits during live sets.
  • Touch and drag to scroll down the list of kits.
  • Drum Kits listed with an HD label are new Drum Kits specifically released for DrumTrackHD, usually with 16 tracks, but you can access DrumTrack8's Drum Kits as well.
  • For creating Custom Kits, see the Main Pattern Panel.

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

  • Clicking on the BPM Button once will display the current BPM.
  • The BPM button allows you to tap the rhythm your desired BPM, which will be displayed in Pattern Name display.
  • The LEDs in the button flash to the current BPM when playing.
  • Click and drag horizontally to adjust precisely the current BPM.

Swing Slider Swing Slider

  • The Swing slider allows you to add a certain percentage of swing to your beats. This basically shuffles the note values giving the patterns a different feel. The value is global, affects all tracks and patterns and is saved in the song.

Level Indicator

  • Shows the current levels while playing.

Reset Stop/Rewind
  • Stop resets the pattern to the beginning.

Play Pause Play/Pause
  • Toggle between Play and Pause of either the pattern or the song, as determined by the Loop on Pattern toggle button below.

Loop on Pattern Loop on Pattern/ Loop on Song
  • Touch & drag up and down to change this switch.
  • When on Pat., playback will loop on the current pattern, and the Pattern name will be displayed in the dialog to the right. (see below)
  • When on Song, Play will loop on the entire song, and the Song name will be displayed in the dialog to the right. (see below)

Pattern & Song Dialog Pattern/Song Display
  • Displays the name of the current pattern or song, depending on the panel.
  • Clicking on the display allows you to rename the pattern or song.
  • Songs only: The File Open and File Save icons allow you to save and reopen songs in DrumTrackHD.
  • Note: Contextual information may also displayed in this window (i.e. setting values, etc.)

MixerPattern Mixer & Pattern Buttons
  • These 2 buttons toggle between the Mixer and Main Pattern Panels that, when opened, are located just below the toolbar.

SongAutomationFxPads Song, Automation, Fx & Pads Buttons

  • These 4 buttons toggle between the Song, Automation, Fx and Pads Panels that, when opened, are placed just below the Mixer or Pattern Panel.

Connect Connect

  • Start the server on the iPad to upload samples for creating custom kits. (Main Pattern Panel for more information)
  • Once the served is connected, you will get a confirmation:

    Connection Info

Help Help & User Guide

  • Clicking on the question mark (on the far right) opens DrumTrackHD's User Guide.

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