DrumTrackHD's Pads Panel allow you to trigger drum hits in a live session, record your live jam and even overdub on top of existing patterns.

DrumTrackHD's Pattern and live jam Pads Panels
DrumTrackHD Main and live jam Pads Panels

To open the Pads Panel, select the button Pads in the toolbar.


Each pad corresponds to a track: the top row corresponds to the top eight tracks (from left to right in Pads > top to bottom in the Main Pattern Panel); the bottom row corresponds to the bottom 8 tracks.
Note: if you are using a kit with less than 16 tracks, you will have fewer pads.

When a song or pattern is playing, you tap a pad to trigger the sounds samples for a live jam session. These can be recorded and overdubbed as well.

Be sure to select either pattern or song for playback first.

  • Record: Record allows you to record steps in your pattern through a live jam.

IMPORTANT: If Overdub is not active, you will completely overwrite the steps recorded previous loop.

  • Overdub: Overdubbing is the addition of new sound to a recording or track. To overdub, Record must activated.

Each pass of the pattern allows you to add more steps to your pattern.

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