The Mixer panel lets you finetune your track's overall Volume and Pan settings, turn tracks off, test solo tracks and assign tracks to Return Tracks (used by Fx). The Mixer Panel is comprised of:
  • The Dialog window in the Toolbar lets you choose the Drum Kit used for playback. Select the dialog to open the display of availabe kits or scroll with the arrows.
  • The Mixing Board lets you adjust each track’s overall volume and pan, as well as mute or solo the track during playback and assign tracks to Return Tracks.

DrumTrackHD's Mixer and Fx Panels
DrumTrackHD Mixer and Fx Panels

To open the Mixer Panel, select the Mixer button on the DrumTrackHD Toolbar.


The current Drum Kit is listed in the toolbar display panel and can be changed by scrolling through the list with the << and >> buttons.

Selecting the Drum Kit in the toolbar display panel opens the Kit Selection Panel shown below.

Kit Selection Dialog

This panel allows you to choose new Drum Kits without having to scroll through the entire list and is particularly useful for switching kits during live sets. Touch and drag to scroll down the list of kits.

Kits marked with HD are new kits, often with 16 tracks.

Important: if you scroll through and select a kit with fewer tracks, these extra tracks with notes will remain but will not have any sound assigned to them.

Mixing Board

Each track of the Drum Kit can have its Volume and Pan master settings defined in the Mixer Panel. Note that these values are multiplied with the Volume and Pan Pattern Modifiers. i.e. If the track’s master volume is set to 50%, and the Pattern Modifier Volume is set to 50%, the track will play at 25%.

The Drum Kit instrument is listed at the top of each track.

Note: The corresponding track is laid out vertically in the Pattern Panel from top to bottom.

  • The top slider controls the track’s master Volume.
    Note: If you want volume variations in the track, use the Volume Mode Pattern Modifier in the Pattern Panel instead.
  • The small slider below controls the track’s left/right master Panning.
    Note: If you want panning variations in the track, use the Pan Mode Pattern Modifier in the Pattern Panel instead.
play track Track Playback
  • Mutes (grey) /Unmutes (green) the track during playback.
solo Solo
  • Toggles between solo track and normal playback.

Return Track Knobs Return Tracks A and B

Using the Mixer and Fx panels, each Fx (sound effect) can be selectively applied to all tracks (using the Master Return Track) or only to tracks assigned to Return Track A or B.

  • A track can be assigned to Return Track A and/or B in the Mixer Panel with the knobs located below each track: the top row of knobs assigns the tracks to Return Track A; the bottom row assigns tracks to Return Track B.
  • A Track's default value is 100% for Return Track A and B; each track can modulate the amount of effect applied to it.
  • Each Fx has a toggle on the left that assigns the sound effect to either Master, A or B Return Tracks.
  • See Fx Return Tracks for more details

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