default toolbar
default toolbar

expanded toolbar
secondary toolbar

Level Indicator

  • Shows the current levels while playing.
  • Toggle between Play and Pause of either the pattern or the song, as determined by the Loop on Pattern toggle button below.
  • Stop resets the pattern to the beginning.
Loop on Pattern/ Loop on Song
  • When on, Play will loop on the current pattern. When off, Play will loop on the entire song.
BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  • Clicking on the BPM Button once will display the current BPM.
  • The BPM button allows you to tap the rhythm your desired BPM, which will be displayed in Pattern Name display.
  • The LEDs in the button flash to the current BPM when playing.
  • Click and drag horizontally to adjust precisely the current BPM.
Pattern/Drum Kit/Song Name Display
  • The name of the current patterndrum kit, or song, depending on the panel.
  • Clicking on the display allows you to rename the pattern or song.
  • The + and – allow you to scroll between patterns and drum kits.

  • Song panel: The File Open and File Save icons allow you to save and reopen songs in DrumTrack8.
  • Note: Contextual information is also displayed in this window (i.e. BPM, setting values, etc.)
MPS buttons Mixer, Song and Pattern

Help Screen Button Toolbar Toggle Button

  • New in V 2.3, you can now access a secondary toolbar through the Toolbar Toggle button to access Swing and Help features.

Help Screen Button Swing Slider

  • New in V 2.3, the Swing slider allows you to add a certain percentage of swing to your beats. This basically shuffles the note values giving the patterns a different feel. The value is global, affects all tracks and patterns and is saved in the song.

edit pattern & signature Edit Pattern Length/Signature

NEW IN V2.5.1: The time signature (also known as meter signature) is a notational convention used in Western musical notation to specify how many beats are in each measure and which note value constitutes one beat.

There are various types of time signatures, depending on whether the music follows simple rhythms or involves unusual shifting tempos, including: simple (such as 3/4 or 4/4), compound (e.g., 9/8 or 12/8) or other meters. You can also choose to be in triplets mode.

To change the Signature, you can:

  • Select the slider next to the first dialog (16 as shown above) to drag the number of steps in your pattern or
  • Select the last dialog (4/4 as shown above) to access the interface below:


Help Screen Button Help Screen

  • New in V 1.5, clicking on the question mark (on the far right) opens each panel's help screen.
  • New in 2.1, you can now disable the Help Screen in Settings.


You can alter the behavior of DrumTrack8's interface in your iPhone/iPod Touch's Settings.

DT8 Settings

  • Mail Address defines the email address used when mailing patterns and songs.
  • Shuffle to Clear can be disabled.
  • Disable Help allows you to disable the contextual help when necesary, such as to avoid false manipulations when used in a live ste.
  • Reset Default Song allows you to reset the song that comes with DrumTrack8.
  • You can also disable Animations and Transitions in case you need to optimize your iPhone's performance.